My Top 10 Favorite Canva Shortcut Keys For Bloggers

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Every blogger should be familiar with the shortcut keys of the graphic design tool they love to use. Not only does it save them time, but it also makes the design process easier.

When it comes to blogging there will always be a graphic design element. Either from crafting that irresistible printable or with eye-catching social media content. One of the best graphic design tools that many bloggers use is Canva!

Canva is one of my all-time favorite tools to use in blogging. I especially love to use it for creating my freebies. I can’t tell you how many hours I spend playing around and trying new techniques. 

To help reduce some of the time I spend designing, I started using shortcut keys. These were life-changing. My design process started moving so much faster once I was familiar with them. 

I know there are probably some of you out there thinking it can’t save that much time but I am telling you this from personal experience. Those saved minutes allow me to go to bed early or sneak in some more work on my blog before my kids wake up from their nap.

What are shortcut keys?

Shortcut keys are is a specific combination of keys on your keyboard that you use to carry out a task. You can use them in every portion of your computer and program you to choose. But the shortcuts are different for each program.

For example, Control + N on a desktop will open a new window to view your files but in Google Chrome it opens a new tab. 

So while shortcuts are great, it can be difficult to remember what they are for each specific program.

To help you remember all the graphic design shortcuts, I have made four cheatsheets that you can download and have on hand whenever you want. Save them to your phone, desktop, or print them out to hang on your wall. 

Whatever method works best for you, use them until you have the ones you like best memorized. You can get these shortcut key cheatsheets in my Printables Kickstart Toolkit…plus more useful tools to make your design life easier. 

Click the image below and get access to your FREE Toolkit today!

printables kickstart toolkit

My Top 10 Favorite Canva Shortcut Keys

As I said above, Canva is one of the best tools for bloggers to use for the creative side of blogging. It has a free plan available that is perfect for those who want to try it out and a pro plan for those who want to seriously invest in their creative capabilities. 

While you may not need the pro plan right away, I am sure there will come a point that you want it! 

One more detail before we get into the shortcut keys. This is for all my Macintosh users. As you know Mac and PC tend to do things differently.

Here are the keys that you will need to use:

  • When you see ctrl use the command key.
  • When you see alt use the option key

And that’s it for difference between the two keyboards.

Alright…let’s get into the reason you all came to this post.

1. Duplicate (Ctrl + D)

This is by far my most used shortcut key! It is a shortcut to the copy and paste shortcuts. How awesome is that!

It saves you time from having to use two shortcut keys. That is a super win for me.

I pretty much use this shortcut for every element of my graphic design (shape, picture, text).

canva shortcut keys for bloggers

2. Move Element(s) (Arrow Keys OR Shift + Arrow Keys)

So I know I am technically showing you two shortcut keys but they are practically the same. Both of these shortcuts are great for moving the selected elements a specific distance.

I mostly use these shortcuts when I am unable to drag the selected elements with my mouse to the exact spot I want. I have this tendency of getting frustrated when aspects of my printable look off.

canva shortcut keys for bloggers

3. Add A Text Box (T)

My mind was blown the minute I learned this nifty trick. Simply press the letter “T” on your keyboard and viola a text box will appear in your design. It is really handy when you are adding a lot of text boxes to your printable.

One thing to note with this shortcut. The font of the text will be the one you have currently been using the most. For me, that tends to be my bold sans serif font.

canva shortcut keys for bloggers

4. Change The Text To Uppercase (Ctrl + Shift + K)

This is great for the text that you want to stand out (typically text you are using for a title). Make sure you either select the text box as a whole or highlight all the text (use Ctrl + A).

canva shortcut keys for bloggers

5. Group Selected Elements (Ctrl + G)

I love this shortcut key. Grouping elements together is the perfect way to keep selected parts of your design from getting messed up. All it takes is one accidental click of the mouse and you are having to fix your design.

Now while that might not seem like a big deal for a one time instance, it will unfortunately not be your last. Save yourself the hassle and frustration by grouping everything that goes together.

canva shortcut keys for bloggers

6. Ungroup Selected Elements (Ctrl + Shift + G)

As with grouping parts of your design, there will come a time you want to ungroup. That is where this shortcut key comes in. 

I use this when there is a portion that I want to move somewhere else or if I want to change the look of the grouped portion.

canva shortcut keys for bloggers

7. Resize Proportionally

I felt like such an idiot for not realizing this was in my shortcut key arsenal of tools. It took me way too long to learn this one. 

This shortcut key is perfect because you can resize the shape you are using without affecting the length and width of it. 

For example, you can insert a circle and use this shortcut to keep it a perfect circle but make it bigger or smaller.

OR you could insert a circle, change the length/width to make an oval, and then change the size of it.

canva shortcut keys for bloggers

8. Select The Element In The Back (Ctrl + Click Overlapping Elements)

Here is another I had no idea about but will make your graphic design life infinitely easier. Have you ever been in the situation where you were making your design and found you need to select an element but a different element on top prevented you from selecting it?

I hated it when that happened because that meant I had to move the element(s) on top to get to the one I wanted. This little trick solves that problem. 

It might take you a couple tries to get it but once you figure it out, the design life is awesome!

canva shortcut keys for bloggers

9. Zoom In or Out (Ctrl + Plus or Minus Keys)

This is great when you want to look at your design at a different size but are unsure how close or far away you want it to be. I like this one better than clicking the zoom tool because I can keep making the page bigger or smaller.

If I use the zoom tool and find I don’t like the page size, then I have to do the steps all over again until I find one that I like. 

This shortcut makes it much easier to find the degree for how much I want to zoom in/out.

canva shortcut keys for bloggers

10. Deselect All Elements (ESC)

If you have ever been in a situation where you need to not have any single element selected, then this is the shortcut key for you. And just like adding a text box, it only takes pressing one key on your keyboard.

I tend to use this shortcut when I am zoomed in on my design and am unable to click outside of the design space. Recently I was experimenting with a few calendar designs and found myself using this shortcut constantly. 


canva shortcut keys for bloggers

And That’s It! Those Are My 10 Favorite Canva Shortcut Keys.

There are no words to describe how much I love using these shortcut keys. I can move so much faster in my design process thanks to them. 

Want to know some good news? There are more shortcuts for you to try. Here is a link to the Canva Shortcut Keys Infographic that illustrates all their shortcut keys. 

It might take some time getting used to using them but the more you do it, the more natural it becomes for you. Soon you won’t even have to think about it. 

As a quick reminder, I made a Canva cheatsheet that has all the shortcut keys list. Plus three other shortcut keys cheatsheets (PowerPoint, Google Slides, and PicMonkey) that you can use to streamline your graphic design process.

You can get it and a whole lot more in my Printables Kickstart Toolkit. Just fill in your info in the sign-up form below to get started!

printables kickstart toolkit

Now To You…What Are Your Thoughts On These Shortcuts?

Will this help make your design process faster? Is there a shortcut key that you like best? Which one blew your mind that you never knew before?

Last question I promise…are you excited to try them the next time you use Canva? I was the nerd who was stoked at trying them out when I first heard about them. 

Tell me what you think in the comments below or send me an email at

Happy Days –

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