How To Change Your Printables Title Text From Basic Black To Multi-Color

by Aug 12, 2020Creating Printables

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Have you ever come across another blogger’s printable and saw that they had this beautiful title text? It was this perfect combination of colors that made you want to download it.

I have seen quite a few gorgeous printables that have created those feelings. Have you ever found a printable that did that for you? Whether you said yes or no, take a moment to consider how powerful that one simple element is to get people to consider your printable.

Any little details you can do to stand out to your readers is essential to creating an irresistible and the best part is that making a multi-color title text is easier than you imagine.

I will show exactly how to make your font multi-color. You can do it easily within 5 minutes or less (depends on how many letters want to add color too). 

What Do I Mean By Multi-Color Text?

Multi-color font is simply a font where the letters are more than one color. Your colors could be a pattern or random. The decision there is all up to you. 

When choosing what colors to use for your font, it is a best practice to stick with your brand colors. These colors will allow you to make the connection between your blog and your products.

You want your brand to be so strong that the minute they see a certain color or font combination, you and your blog come straight to their mind.

Do you need a certain program to make a multi-color text?

Thankfully, the answer is no. You don’t need a fancy graphic design program like photoshop or illustrator. Whatever tool you are using to create your freebies will work perfectly.

My top two tools of choice are Canva and PowerPoint. I have tried other tools and luckily the process of making multi-color text is all the same.

How to Make Multi-Color Text?

The process is easy and will only take you a couple of steps. In fact, the only reason it would take you a while to create is that you can’t decide the color order. 

I have two methods for you to choose from but won’t take that much time. You can do either method in the graphic design tool of your choice.

Method #1 is changing the text color for one text box and Method #2 is creating individual text boxes for each letter.

Let’s dive in to get a better idea of what I am talking about.

Method #1: One Text Box

Step #1: Add Your Title Text

Depending on your tool, add the text you want. With this method, you don’t need to worry about font size as much. 

Step #2: Highlight a Letter

For this step, you can either highlight one single letter or all the letters that you want to be a specific color. To highlight letter not next to one another, press the Control key and highlight with the left button on your mouse. Keep pressing control until you have finished selecting your chosen letters.

Step #3: Add Text Color of Choice

Now go to Font Color and select the color you want to use.

Method #2: Individual Text Boxes

Step #1: Add Text Boxes

With this method, it is best to know which word (or words) you are going to add the multi-color element too. Once you know the word, then add a text box for each letter of the word.

While it is easy to change the font size, I recommend figuring it out and the layout you want before playing with the text color.

Step #2: Select the Text Box

Select the text box as a whole. You can select only one at a time or do multiple for the same color. 

There is also the option to highlight each letter within each text box, but that is more work than you need to do.

Step #3: Add Text Color of Choice

Now go to Font Color and select the color you want to use. 

And that is it for both methods. Repeat the steps until you have added all the text color you want.

5 Tips for Multi-Text Color

Tip #1: Less is More

I am sure you have heard that saying and it applies here. I recommend only using four colors max. Too many colors and you might start to clash.

That is why using your brand colors is the perfect option. Your brand colors are limited and you know they work well together.

Tip #2: Duplicate Text Box to Experiment

I am the type of person who likes to try different looks and for a while, I would only experiment with a text box. Don’t be like me. Make your life easier by duplicating the text box any time you want to try a new idea.

I urge you to do this because, at some point in your creative process, you might think “hmmm…I really like that color combo I did earlier”. By duplicating each time you want to try a different look, you can then find the one you like best and grab it.

So let’s put on our mad scientist lab coat and start having fun experimenting with color!

No more having to constantly recreate. Instead, play around with all the different looks in one shot and then make a choice. Sometimes it takes looking at each option before we can decide.

When experimenting with looks, I recommend making a separate page that is dedicated to your experiments. Don’t delete them until you are ready to finalize your printable.

Tip #3: Letter Spacing

You don’t want all your letters to be super closer together. This could be a little harsh on the eyes. Depending on the graphic design tool you are using, you can have some fun seeing which spacing between letters looks best.

If you are using a script or handwritten font, then be mindful of how much space you use. Those pretty and elegant fonts are made to be connected. Check out the examples below to see the different styles of spacing. 

printables multi-color text
printables multi-color text

Tip #4: Use Method #2 For Unique Looks

This method is perfect for those who want to have their letters not perfectly aligned. I love to use it when I want to try a different look. 

Some ideas to try would be a zig-zag pattern, diagonal, and layered.

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

Tip #5: Only Use Multi-Color Text for Title

Don’t add the multi-color text to the body portions of your product. Not only does it make it difficult to read but it is also more work on your part. Keep the body text portions limited to one text color…preferably a dark one. 

The title text is meant to be a larger font size and fewer words, which makes it much easier to read. Your readers need to be able to read your product otherwise it doesn’t do them much good.

Take a look at the two examples I created below. Both are hard to read even with use a larger font size and a sans serif font. Both took me over five minutes to create (unfortunately in Canva you can only highlight letters that are right next to one another).

Stick with one color for text…preferably a dark color like black or navy blue. 

printables multi-color text

The most important reason to use multi-color text is that it has the power to grab your reader’s attention.

And it is a tool you should use to your advantage. This is assuming your brand will work with this look. But you won’t know until you try. If you already have an email list and you are not sure about the multi-color text look, then reach out to them and get their opinion.

You can also try using Facebook groups for another unbiased opinion. When asking for opinions I would provide a variety of options. Have at least 2-3 for people to look at and choose from.

But the most important detail to remember is to have fun experimenting with this new design style. Play around with the different color combos and see which one truly speaks to you on a personal level.

Did this post help you figure out how to create multi-colored text?

Have you tried it on one of your products? If so, please post a picture of it in the comments because I would love to see it! 

Happy Days –

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