3 Super Easy Checklist Printables You Can Make In PowerPoint

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I love checklists! They are a fantastic printable that provides great support to any type of blog freebie or product you have created. I like to consider checklists as the perfect support document. 

While you can easily use them alone (that’s how useful they are), you can add a checklist to support other types of freebies. In fact, checklists are one of my favorite ways to bulk up your freebie which then makes that freebie more appealing. 

If you want to know more about bulking up your blog freebies, check out this blog post here!

Why Are Checklists So Powerful?

The power of checklists is that they provide anyone who uses them an organized path to complete tasks. This could be anywhere from making sure you don’t forget a single item before a big trip to completing the necessary steps to starting a blog. 

They are so powerful for bloggers because they provide an instant solution to a problem. As a blogger, your goal is to help your audience. With printables, you are providing them a solution while also building your email list. 

The quicker you solve a problem, the more likely you can build trust. Trust is the key to having your readers turn to long-term subscribers and then eventually into paying customers!

Why is PowerPoint the Best Tool for Creating Checklists?

PowerPoint was made to allow you to create both informative and eye-catching slideshows. There are a variety of tools and features that make creating printables easier. From the ever-impressive alignment tool to the styles feature. 

I don’t know if you can tell how much I love using PowerPoint to create checklists or worksheets. The biggest reason being that I tend to be a little neurotic with wanting all the elements to be perfectly aligned. Thankfully, PowerPoint is here to save my sanity. 

Unfortunately, it is for this reason, that I don’t recommend Canva for creating checklists. Even though Canva is one of my all-time favorite graphic design tools, but it’s difficult to use when creating a checklist. Canva’s alignment tool is nowhere near as powerful as PowerPoints.

Because these two tools have particular strengths and weaknesses, it is why I recommend that other bloggers be comfortable using 2-3 different graphic design tools. This way if the design isn’t working for them with one tool, there are others to try.

printables kickstart toolkit

3 Super Easy Ways to Create a Checklist Printable in PowerPoint

1. Checklist Bullet

This is by far my favorite way to create a checklist. I tend to be a little intense when I want each element aligned perfectly. And this technique takes away all the frustration. 

You can create a clean and organized checklist with the checkbox bullet option in less than one minute. It will only take you longer if you don’t know what to include on your checklist.

Here is how to make it in 3 easy steps:

Step #1: Add a text box. You can add a text box from either the Home or Insert tabs in the top menu.

easy checklist powerpoint printables
easy checklist powerpoint printables

Step #2: Go to the bulleted list button in the toolbar and click to open the selection view. 

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Step #3: Finally, select the checkbox bullet option (also known as the hollow square bullets).

easy checklist powerpoint printables

After that, you simply need to add the information you want and you have a good-looking checklist.

  • You can increase the size of the checkboxes by increasing the font size. 
  • Change the color of the check by going to the Bullets and Numbering format option. 
  • You can add the checkbox to a table design.

Check out the two examples below that I made using the bullet list feature.

Checklist Bullet Example #1

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Checklist Bullet Example #2

easy checklist powerpoint printables

2. SmartArt

This is one of my favorite features in PowerPoint. SmartArt is simply a way to take the information you have and present it in a unique design. This method is a different approach to creating checklists because of the variety of options available to you.

To make a checklist using SmartArt:

Step #1: Select the Insert tab.

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Step #2: Click the SmartArt button.

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Step #3: Then choose from the options in the list category.

And once again, all that is left is to add the text you want. 

  • You can easily change the SmartArt style you want to use by going to the Layouts section in the SmartArt Design tab. It will automatically change the look while keeping your information intact. 
  • Play with the color design by going to the SmartArt Design tab and opening the Change Colors panel.

Here are a couple of checklists I created with the SmartArt feature. 

Checklist SmartArt Example #1

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Checklist SmartArt Example #2

easy checklist powerpoint printables

3. Shapes and Lines

The alignment tool is another great feature of PowerPoint. As someone who loves my designs to be perfectly spaced and aligned, this tool makes my life so much simpler. With the alignment tool (which happens automatically) you can create a checklist from scratch shapes and lines. This allows you a little more control in the look you want.

And while this method takes a little more work compared to the previous two, you can still make a good-looking checklist in under 5 minutes. Or at least, once you get the hang of it. But I will share with you some tricks to make it easier!

Here are the steps to creating this type of checklist:

Step #1: Select the Insert tab.

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Step #2: Click the Shapes button and choose the shape you want to add (circle, square, and frame are my favorites).

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Step #3: Set it to the size you want and then duplicate the shape as many times as you need.

Step #4: Add a line, text box, or square shape for your information portion of the checklist.

Now I know that probably sounds more complicated but if you check out my video, then I can show how simple it is!

  • Use the shortcut Control + D to duplicate your shape, line, or text box. This shortcut replaces the copy and paste shortcuts. Plus the second time you use it, the shortcut perfectly spaces your element without you having to do any more work (look at the video to see it in action).
  • Once you have created all the elements, group them (shortcut Control + G) so that you don’t move one accidentally. 

Use Shape Effects and/or Shape Styles to experiment with the look of your shape.

Here are a few different styles of checklists you can make with Shapes and Lines.

Checklist Shapes & Lines Example #1

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Checklist Shapes & Lines Example #2

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Checklist Shapes & Lines Example #3

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Checklist Shapes & Lines Example #4

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Is There a Way to Use PowerPoint Without Paying For It?

The good news is that there is a FREE option available. Best of all, you can get all the web versions of the Microsoft Office programs (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneNote, To-Do, Calendar, and Skype) by creating an outlook email account. 

This is pretty much the same style as Gmail and Google Drive. So if you like Google Drive then you are in luck. 

Once you create an Outlook email, you can access PowerPoint by clicking the Microsoft 365 view pane in the upper-left-hand corner. Other perks with the Outlook account are you get 5GB of OneDrive Storage and you can use the app versions on your phone.

I love being able to access everything in the palm of my hand! It is one of the best parts of being alive with all this fantastic technology and as bloggers, you should take advantage of it. 

Now while the free version is great, I want you to know that you don’t get all the features that you would with the paid ones. Luckily though it has a majority of the ones that I love!

easy checklist powerpoint printables

Final Thoughts…PowerPoint = Easy To Make Checklists!

Spend a little time experimenting with PowerPoint to see which checklist-style fits your brand perfectly. There are a ton of features that I didn’t even touch on (mostly because I am still learning how to use them properly) that you can use for your creative process.

Some best practices that make creating a checklist easy:

  • Write or type what you want to be included in your checklist before you use a graphic design tool.
  • If it is a long checklist, break it into organized sections that are easy to follow.
  • Don’t delete a checklist design you created to try a different look. Instead, add a new page or duplicate the page and then make changes.
  • If you are unsure what to include in your checklist, reach out to your subscribers and followers for their opinions.
Are You Ready to Make a Mind-Blowing Checklist?

If you said yes, then I can’t wait to see what you create.

Did this post help you figure out how to make a gorgeous checklist? Did you love that you could create it in a few minutes?

Tell me about it (and post a picture) in the comments below or feel free to send me an email at caitiej@theprintablesblog.com. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy Days –

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