How to Make a Printables Template in PowerPoint (in 5 Simple Steps)

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When it comes to using PowerPoint for printables…I love it! It is a unique graphic design tool that many don’t consider initially. Part of that is because even though it isn’t difficult to learn, some parts can be a little tricky. With a little patience and the willingness to learn, you can create unique and eye-catching printables that will grow your email list.

Your time is valuable and for some bloggers can be limited (this is me as an 8-5 working mom) and finding was to reduce doing pointless tasks is important. Why redo the same annoying details when creating a printable (like setting up your font or adding your brand colors), when you can set up a template and never have to do that again.

With this blog post, I will show you how incredibly easy it is to create a template in 5 steps:

  • Access Slide Master
  • Pick a Font
  • Choose a Layout
  • Add Blog Brand Colors
  • Save Template

Once you learn how to create a template, you might kick yourself for not having done this sooner. I know I did because saving those 5-10 minutes of the initial set up is so valuable.

Why Do Bloggers Need a PowerPoint Printables Template?

Well, the simple and sweet answer is the one I said above and that it saves a ton of time. Instead, of having to do the basic setup (selecting font, design layout, colors, etc.) over and over again, a template takes care of that. 

But most importantly, it allows you to maximize your time efficiently. Your time is important and if there is a way to avoid doing meaningless tasks, we should take advantage of it. This includes all aspects of blogging.

The good news is that your PowerPoint template doesn’t need to be limited to only printables. You can use these to make your own specific type of printables template (like a calendar or planner), create your mockups or your blog images. 

Yep! PowerPoint is my main tool when it comes to creating mockups and blog images. In fact, almost all the blog images in this post were made with PowerPoint.

printables kickstart toolkit

How to Create a PowerPoint Template

The type of template that I will show you how to create is for the basic setup. It will only consist of settings for the layout, fonts, and colors. 

Step 1: Accessing the Slide Master

Everything you need to do to set up your template will be done in Slide Master. This is a convenient feature that PowerPoint offers. It also saves you from having to jump between different tabs.

To get to the Slide Master, click the View tab in the main menu toolbar. In the section labeled Master Views select the Slide Master button. The Master Slide window will appear. 

powerpoint printables template

Step 2: Pick Your Font

To set a font for the printables template, you will need to access the Master Slide. But before we do that, it is important to decide which font or fonts that you will select. I love all the different kinds of fonts but goodness me are there so many to choose from. 

PowerPoint does come with many different fonts to choose from but you can upload your own easily. You can either download free fonts from a credible source like Google Fonts or purchase them. My two favorite websites to buy fonts from are Creative Market and The Hungry JPEG.

Important Note: Before purchasing or downloading a font online, make sure that you have the right to use that font commercially. The license or terms of use depend on where you get the font.

Not sure how to upload a font to PowerPoint? Don’t worry, I got you covered and it is much easier than you might imagine.

How to Upload a Font to PowerPoint

You will need to download your font of choice. I recommend saving it to a portable hard drive (so as to not take up space on your desktop). From there simply open the file of the font (it will be either a TrueType or OpenType font file). 

powerpoint printables template

An Install button will appear. Click it. Now here is the reason for choosing your font is the first step. In order to see the font, the PowerPoint program needs to be closed first.

powerpoint printables template

Close PowerPoint and then reopen it. From there to check if it has been uploaded by clicking a text box and opening the font drop-down menu. PowerPoint’s font is listed in alphabetical order, so scroll until you find the name.

powerpoint printables template

How to Add Your Font in Slide Master

Go to the first slide (you might need to scroll up to find it) and select it. Then click the top text box and choose the font that you want to be used with all your printables.

Important Note: Make sure you click the top slide. It is only with this slide that the other slides will automatically update. If you don’t, then you might accidentally update each slide individually and that is a waste of time.

powerpoint printables template
powerpoint printables template

To change the font you will need to go back to the Home tab. I recommend a font that has a bolder look to it for the top text box. Bolder fonts are a great option for title text as they command the attention of a reader’s eye. In the bottom text box, I recommend using a more normal text.

For example, in my template I used Poppins Extra Bold for the top text box and Poppins Light for the bottom text box.

As these edits are made, the slides below the top slide will automatically update to fit with your selection. Click a random slide to confirm that the changes were made.

There is one more font change that needs to be made before we are complete. The font we changed so far only affects the slide layouts. If you choose to insert a text box, it will still have PowerPoint’s default text. To change PowerPoint’s default text, click the Slide Master tab in the main menu, and open the Fonts drop-down menu in the Background section. Choose the font to be the new default font and click it.

powerpoint printables template

Step 3: Choose Your Layout

The layout PowerPoint initially opens with is for presentations and doesn’t work for printables. Pick a common print size for the layout. I recommend going with an 8.5 X 11 (portrait or landscape…whichever you prefer).

In the Slide Master open the drop-down menu for Slide Size in the Size section.

powerpoint printables template

Open the drop-down menu for Slide Size and choose Custom Slide Size.

powerpoint printables template

Select Custom for the slide size, then enter the width and height dimensions. In the slide size list, there are other options with preset dimensions but when I have to click the US Document (which is 8.5 X 11) it does not come up with the right dimensions. Select the orientation and then click the Ok button.

powerpoint printables template

For the last part select, Ensure Fit, and the template layout portion is complete.

powerpoint printables template

Step 4: Add Your Brand Colors

There are two methods to changing your colors in PowerPoint and luckily going through the Slide Master is the easier one (the other method is a little trickier to find). One great detail about adding your blog brand colors to PowerPoint is that even if don’t save it as a template, those colors will still available as long as the color theme is saved. That means if you open a new blank presentation (that isn’t linked to a theme or template) those color combinations will be an option to choose from.

Go to the Colors drop-down menu in the Background section. It is the same section that was used to change the default font.

powerpoint printables template

Open the menu and select Customize Colors.

powerpoint printables template

From there, either choose the color you want or make it even easier by copying and pasting the HEX color code. There is also the option to add colors by RGB code but that takes a little more effort. 

Don’t forget to give these theme colors a name. Some possibilities are: 

powerpoint printables template
powerpoint printables template
  • Blog Name Brand Colors
  • My Blog Colors
  • Brand Colors – Blog Name

As you can see, designating it with your blog name is where I tend to lean. The final step is to click the Save button. With that, your blog colors have been added.

For those that want to know the other way to change the theme colors, simply go to the Design tab and open the drop-down menu in Variants section. Then open the Colors drop-down menu and select Customize Colors.

Not sure where to find the HEX code for your colors? Here are two easy methods.

How to Find HEX Codes for Colors?

Option 1: ColorZilla Chrome Extension

One of Google Chrome’s nifty extensions is called ColorZilla. It is essentially a tool that can be used to identify colors anywhere on Google Chrome and there is also an option for Firefox. Unfortunately, it is limited to the Chrome browser. 

You can find and install the extension HERE.

To install it, click the Install button located in the top-right area. 

powerpoint printables template

From there, the extension icon will appear to the right of the Google search console. ColorZilla’s chrome extension icon is a color dropper.

To use it, click the color dropper and a drop-down menu will appear. To find your colors HEX code either pick Color Picker or Page Color Picker Active. Color Picker lets you find your codes by deciding on color from the color palette and Page Color Picker Active determines the color on a webpage. 

powerpoint printables template

The Page Color Picker Active is an excellent tool if there is a specific color you like from another webpage and you want to know the exact HEX code for that color. Simply move the mouse icon until it rests over the desired color. Then click and the color is copied to the clipboard. 

To check out the copied color in ColorZilla, open the chrome extension drop-down menu and click Color Picker. It is stored there until the next time the Page Color Picker is chosen.

A nifty feature about ColorZilla is that it stores all the colors you have chosen in the Color Picker. This is great for if you ever need to find that HEX code.

Creative Tip: Save the color HEX codes to a note sheet-like Notepad. This makes for an easy backup in case you lose the codes elsewhere. 

Option 2: Canva

If you tend to use Canva, then you can grab your HEX codes from there. How you do it, depends on which plan you are using and/or if you have used the colors in a design.

Canva Free Plan

For those with the free plan, go to a design you made that has your preferred colors. From there, select the element (can be a shape or text), and then go to change the color. 

To grab the HEX code click New Color and the code for the color that is selected will appear. Copy each color code and save it to a Word file or Notepad file.

powerpoint printables template
powerpoint printables template
Canva Pro Plan

If you have CanvaPro, then one nifty feature is to save your brand colors in the Brand Kit. To access it, go to the homepage and click Brand Kit on the left side panel.

From there go to Brand Colors and click each color. When clicking a color, the color palette will appear along with the HEX code. Copy and paste that code into a document. 

powerpoint printables template
powerpoint printables template

Creative Tip: Use Canva’s Color tool to help find the perfect brand colors for your blog business. The color generator tool will take a picture and select four colors from it or check out the color palette ideas for color combinations. 

Before we get to the final and fourth step to creating a PowerPoint printables template, we will need to close the Slide Master. The last step is done outside of the Slide Master. To do that simply, click Close Master View in the Close menu section.

powerpoint printables template

Step 5: Saving Your Template

We are now on the final stretch. With all the pieces in place, we can now finally create a template. Now you could do the saving the file like a normal presentation but that leaves you open to the possibility of altering the template without meaning to. Only use this method if you plan on sharing your template (see Tip #2 below for more details).

Instead, I recommend saving your template as a theme. First, go to the Design tab located in the main menu toolbar. Then open the drop-down menu for Themes in the Edit Theme section. At the bottom of the menu, click Save current theme.

powerpoint printables template
powerpoint printables template

Once the theme you created has been saved, open the Themes drop-down menu again and it should be located in the Custom themes section. Right-click your theme and select Set as Default Theme

powerpoint printables template
powerpoint printables template

Now when you go to open a new PowerPoint file, you Default Theme will be right there and all your desired settings will be in place. 

powerpoint printables template

Tips for Your PowerPoint Printables Template

Tip #1: Use the Basic Template to Create Other Templates

This post showed you how to make what I consider the basic template. There are no snazzy gimmicks or designs to it. It simply sets up the standard elements. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a different kind of template. In fact, many businesses use a variety of templates. For example, there could be an email response template, work schedule template, and report template (just to name a few).

Apply this concept to your blog business. The types of templates that you can create will depend on your needs. For PowerPoint, you can make an infographic template, blog image template, or mockup template.

Another option is to make a template for a printable that you use routinely or send to your subscribers on a consistent schedule. An example would be if you send out a weekly meal plan or a monthly workout challenge.

The big difference between saving a basic template and more detailed template is that the file needs to be saved as a PowerPoint Template file (see the steps in Tip #2 below).

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Tip #2: Share Your PowerPoint Template

Are you creating a template as an opt-in freebie for your subscribers? Well, the good news is that PowerPoint has a great feature that makes it easy to share them. There is the standard option by clicking the Share button (either in the File menu or in the top right-hand corner). 

But another method is by saving the file as a template and then sharing that template file with your subscribers. Simply save the file like normal but change the Save as type: to PowerPoint Template.

Tip #3: PowerPoint Tools

No matter which graphic design program you use, it is important to learn about the tools that are available. PowerPoint has some that can’t be found anywhere else (at least as far as I know) and one of them is SmartArt. It is an incredible tool that allows you to organize information in a visually appealing format and it does it quickly. 

Other tools to know about is the alignment tool, inserting images into multiple elements (like text), and so much more. Since there are so many tools to discuss, I recommend checking out my blog post about the 7 Powerhouse PowerPoint Tools to Create Printables.

printables kickstart toolkit

Final Thought on Making a Printable Template in PowerPoint

Creating a printable with PowerPoint will be so much easier and save you at least 5-10 minutes. Now there is no need to spend time updating your design with the same details over and over again.

There are quite a few different types of printables that can be made with PowerPoint. Some of my favorites include lists, checklists, worksheets, calendars, and planners. But there are quite a few other printables that can be made. The only limitation is your imagination. I know that sounds a little corny but it is true.

Quick recap on what this post covered:

  • 5 steps to making a PowerPoint printable template
    • Step 1: Access Slide Master
    • Step 2: Pick Your Font(s)
    • Step 3: Choose a Layout
    • Step 4: Add Your Brand Colors
    • Step 5: Saving Your Template
  • If PowerPoint doesn’t have a font that you like, check out Google Fonts. They have over 900 free fonts that can be used for commercial and free products.
  • This post shows you have to make a basic template, but there is also the possibility to make a more specific template (like a calendar or planner). Check out Tip #2 for more details.

Quick Question for You…

Did this post help you figure out how to make a template? For those that made a template, is this a game-changer for you (at least when it comes to making printables)? 

What did you learn that you didn’t know before? 

Tell me about it in the comments below or feel free to contact me!

Happy Days –

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