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So if Are you thinking about creating a word search printable but are intimidated by all the work that goes into it?

If you are currently adding letters individually, I want you to stop what you are doing right now! Let me show you a less time-consuming method.

The answer to this issue is a tool called a word search generator. That’s right…you heard me.

Someone out there decided to make an online tool that generates a word search for you.

And the best part is that it is freeYou don’t even have to give your email to use it. 

A word search is a perfect opportunity to create a unique freebie to offer your readers. It can be both fun and educational. Plus you don’t have to limit it to only kids.

Word searches are great for adults as well!

Where Can I Find A Word Search Generator?

This is super easy as well. All you need to do is enter the search term word search generator into the Google search bar and click enter.

A plethora of results will come up. You can either try out a few (stick with the ones on the first results page) or to save you the hassle, here is the website I like to use the most: 

I like this one the best for two reasons.

  1. It copy and pastes over to Canva with no issues (at least none that I have encountered yet).
  2. Easy to use and make changes.

There are other word search generators out there that you can use but the one above is the best (in my opinion).

In this post, I will show you how to create a puzzle and add it to Canva to make your printable. There are a few details you will need to do once you copy and paste the puzzle into Canva but they are simple.

printables kickstart toolkit

How To Make A Word Search Printable In 3 Easy Steps

Step #1: Make Your Puzzle

Click one of the links above to go to a word search generator website. From there follow the directions. Don’t worry about entering the title of the puzzle.

You will add the title in Canva (or the graphic design tool of your choice). 

When figuring out the number of letters per rows and columns, base it on the age of who will be using it. If it is for a little kid, you want to limit from 5-10. For adults, you can make it more challenging by going up to 50.

There are only two pieces of information I include before clicking that lovely button that says Create puzzle. I do all the steps except for Step 1.

Important: For Step 4, make sure you select the Text puzzle output type. This will make it possible for your word search to be copied and pasted as a perfect square.  

Step #2: Copy And Paste Your Puzzle To Canva

It should only take a matter of seconds before your puzzle has been created. Then drag your mouse over ever letter to highlight. Copy the highlighted area and paste in your Canva design.

For the words a person will be searching for, copy and paste them in the Canva design. Or you can always enter them in manually.

Highlight the word search puzzle.

Add text box and paste in Canva.

Step #3: Adjust The Format Of The Puzzle Text

Let me say the bad news first…unfortunately, the puzzle text doesn’t transfer as smoothly over to Canva.

The good news though is that it is an incredibly easy fix!

When you first paste the puzzle text it might be large font size and look unorganized. Reduce the font size to super small (like size 8 or 12). 

Next, you want to highlight all the text and click the text box to change the text. The puzzle text needs to be a specific font style. Click the font search bar and specific font categories will appear below.

Go through the categories until you find one labeled Monospaced. All of the text in the monospaced category will work to making your word search look like a real puzzle.

And now you have created a fantastic word search puzzle to grow your blog business! All that’s left is adding your creative touches.

word search printable
word search printable
word search printable

9 Tips For Creating Word Search Printables

Tip #1: Experiment with Different Borders

Don’t limit yourself to a basic square border (not that there is anything wrong with it). Instead, play around with different border styles to see if it gives your printable that added wow effect.

word search printable

Tip #2: Make Sure The Word Search Font Is Monospaced

Like I stated above, the only font that will keep the word search looking neat and aligned is a monospaced font. I know this limits creativity a little bit but I promise it’s in a good way. 

For word search printables, you want them to be readable. If you used a handwritten font, it would be difficult to find the specific words.

You can find theses fonts in Canva by either typing monospaced into the search bar or in the suggested categories below the search bar there is one labeled monospaced.

word search printable

Tip #3: Must Be Readable

This goes a little hand in hand with Tip #2. Not only must you be able to read the font of your choice but you have to be able to see it too. That means not doing a dark back behind the word search.

Not only does it make it difficult to view but also hard to complete. When crafting your word search, keep in mind that your audience needs to see the words.

I overall recommend that the background be kept white (if only for personal printing purposes) but I understand if you want to add some color. You can do this by making the border color or if you want the background to be a different color, then I recommend using a lighter. Choose one that is a lighter color or close to white so the person can still do the puzzle.  

word search printable

Tip #4: Try Different Font Colors

Not only should you experiment with the border design of your word search but you can also play with the font colors. Don’t forget Tip #3 when playing with font colors but this would be a way to set your word searches apart from others. 

When changing the font colors I recommend sticking with a darker color so that the letters can be seen. 

Tip #5: Enter Multiple Words As One

Okay, I bet this sounds a little weird reading the tip alone but let me explain it to you quickly. If you enter a search term that has two parts to it, the generator will think they are two separate words. That means the search term you want will be in two different places.

To avoid this and use words with multiple parts to them then I recommend entering the words as a single word. That means if the search term is black cat, enter it as blackcat

Take a look at the example below to see what I am talking about.

time saving tool to create a word search printable

Tip #6: Use Letter Spacing if Text Doesn’t Align

If your word search does not copy and paste into a perfect square, then the solution is to use the letter-spacing effect. You can find it in the top toolbar to the right of the bullet list button.

Before using this feature, you still need to use a monospaced font. A monospaced font is the only one that will align all the text in both directions. It will give you the perfect square appearance.

Now to fix this, you will first need to make sure each row is separated. Then go to the spacing tab in the top toolbar and move the letter-spacing dial until your word search looks like a square.

And with it, your problem is solved.

time saving tool to create a word search printable

Tip #7: Think Outside The Box

By this, I mean to avoid thinking of a word search in the standard sense. Think of ways that you can use to reach your audience. While I know not all niches can use a word search, I wouldn’t be surprised by how many that can.

For those in the finance blog niches, you can use a word search as a fun way to educate your readers on important money terms.

For travel bloggers, you could have one that also is a list of locations to visit for specific cities.

If you blog about relationships, then consider creating wall art where the words husband and wife or love and commitment stick out.

Tip #8: It Needs A Theme

A successful word search has a theme. I know that you probably already know that but it is important. A word search with no theme will most likely be skimmed over by your readers.

Great themes are those centered around a holiday, major life event (I have seen a ton of coronavirus word searches for blogs), niche-related, or activity.   

Tip #9: Make It Part Of A Bundle

While not impossible, it could be very difficult (especially if you are just starting out) to convert any readers into subscribers by only giving them a single word search. I recommend making a bundle. 

Either make more than one word search or add it work with other freebies. 

printables kickstart toolkit

5 Creative Ways To Use Word Search Printables

A word search printable can be used in many creative ways that will catch your audience’s attention. The key is to take a simple idea and make it unique. Check out this list to help you get those juices flowing in your brain.

1. Patterns

I’m going to start with a wild one! Use the word search generator to get the letter and then create a crafty pattern that fits with it. There are quite of few people who love to do some form of craft (crochet, knit, sew, bead).

I bet you can find a creative way to add a word search to a craft design.

2. Wall Art

Choose words that are important for the message you want to send. These could be for a specific room in a house or for special occasions (like a baby shower). Etsy is a great place to get some initial inspiration. 

Another option for word search wall art is as a sentimental gift. You could create holiday-themed or ones that are for a special person. A good example would be a wall art with the word “dad” emphasized in it.

word search printable

3. Kid Activity Pages

Okay, so I get that this may not be the most creative of ideas but you can take the concept to another level. You can make the word search part of a scavenger hunt. 

Or you could help them learn a new language. By this, I mean that the words in the word search are in English and the listed words on the side are in Spanish. 

You could also make this part of a bundle with many other kinds of activity pages.

word search printables

4. Adult Activity Pages

Kids don’t get to have all the fun. Adults love word searches (me included) that can be used to exercise the brain. Like I said in the examples above, you can take a simple concept and expand on it.

Take any idea that you would use for the kids but instead make a more complicated word search puzzle.

word search printables

5. Party Game

This is a fun one that you could take to the next level by adding a time element. See who can complete the word search the quickest.

Types of parties that you can use the word search for are baby showers, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, holiday parties, birthday parties, and BBQs. 

There really is no limit. It more depends on how you want to use them.

Why Do I Recommend Canva For Word Search Printables?

Canva is a great tool for crafting a beautiful design and it allows you to do it easily. You don’t need to do any training to figure out how to use it (compared to Photoshop). If that doesn’t make you smile, then the fact that it has a fantastic free plan with access to many features should do the trick.

But I will state this. You don’t have to use Canva if you find it doesn’t fit either your needs or you don’t like using it. In fact, I recommend to everyone that you should be using 2-3 different programs. 

I personally, like to use Canva for creating word search printables, because they make it so easy to add creative elements. I love having access to all the designs and elements available. Canva also gives me on-site inspiration with their templates. 

To get inspiration from Canva’s templates, I mostly just look at them from the left-side toolbar. I get an idea of what I like and then try to recreate the element that I want to use. Don’t copy Canva’s or someone else’s design detail for detail. Only use other designs for inspiration. 

Final Thoughts On Word Search Printables

They are incredibly easy to make with a word search generator and will allow you to try something new for your blog. When using word searches for your audience, think about ways that you can solve a problem. That problem does not need to be a complicated one. It could just be boredom.

As you can see above, I spent some time thinking of out of the box ideas for word searches. I love the idea of taking something so simple and making it work on another level.

I will state that unless you are a mom, homeschool, or education blogger, that you probably won’t be able to grow an email list on the word search alone. But if you combine it with other printables or freebies, that you can most definitely do it.

Now to you!

Did this blog post help? Have you thought of a creative way to use a word search for your blog? 

Tell me about it in the comments below or send me an email at

Happy Days –

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