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Welcome to The Printables Blog!

It’s the blog all about creating printables and opt-in freebies that you can use to build your email list which will then help you grow your blog. I will show you how to make your freebies and scale them to the next level. You ready to get started? Sweet…then let’s begin!

Hi, I’m CaitieJ!

I love to get my creative hat on and start the process of crafting a new helpful blog freebie! It is my favorite part of blogging. I know exactly how difficult it is to make something that stands out and entice your readers into subscribers. And since I know the struggles, I want to help you figure it out faster than I did.

A little bit about me is that I met my husband because of rocks (and not the shiny pricey kind). Together we are figuring out how to raise our two toddler boys who we are constantly running after. My perfect day involves a cup of tea, a Disney movie marathon, and the rain.

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